We study, design and develop Renewable Energy projects according to the country or individuals needs. SOLAR-BIOMASS-WIND-GEOTHERMAL-NATURAL GAS.

Currently, fossil fuel such as oil, coal and natural gas represent the prime energy sources in the world. However, it is anticipated that these sources of energy will deplete within the next 40 to 50 years. Moreover, the expected environmental damages such as the global warming, acid rain and urban smog due to the production of emission from these sources have persuaded the world to try to reduce carbon emission by 80% and shift towards utilizing a variety of renewable energy resources which are less environmentally harmful such as the responsible use of Woody Biomass. This renewable energy source, provides domestic and real world solutions to the expensive, uncontrollable cost, and ecologically harmful fossil fuel for the generation of electricity.
Simple speaking, energy is the ability to do work. Wood is the oldest and most common source of energy. Biomass is an important and often overlook renewable energy resource. We have abundant Woody Biomass resources that can produce electric power, thermal energy, and biofuel. Utilizing these resources sustainably will help us meet our renewable energy and climate goals, and create substantial economic development and job opportunities, particularly in our rural communities. There is a growing interest in the use of biomass energy in the world for power plants with advanced conversion technologies and appropriate environmental controls, Woody Biomass can offer clean renewable energy and substantial climate benefit compared with fossil fuel.
Non-Fractionalized Biomass Combustion Unit. The Woody Biomass must not to be processed into more costly, consistent and uniform small sized (chips, pallets etc.) to produce electricity. Using the proposed innovative systems approach and proprietary technology, elimination of expensive fractionalization process can be replace with the Non-Fractionalized process. Years of study combined with hands on experience over the years of operation period of the prototype yielded much unknown and invaluable information necessary for success. The engineering required being within experience, expertise and scope of all participants. This prototype having commenced distributed power generation on September 9, 2010 and continuing until the conclusion of the demonstration period in September 2012. The demonstration facility provided well documented utility grade renewable distribution power generation to South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCE&G), a subsidiary of SCANA Corporation a Fortune 500 US Company.
The expensive imported fossil fuel, by many countries, and parasitic energy consumed in chipping and grinding of Woody Biomass, together with other unnecessary preprocessing and distant freighting of Biomass is eliminated with this technology. Non-To-Minimally Fractionalized Woody Biomass energy for renewable distributed power generation.
Peripheral and vertical integrated other useful production may also include Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) and other commodities; such as distilled drinking water from the cooled or condensed process, and an array of other useful products.