Energy Literature

Supplying the world’s energy needs during the next few decades without contributing to climate change or adversely impacting the environment presents enormous challenges. A portfolio of cost-effective, renewable and sustainable energy supply options lies at the heart of meeting these challenges. Panama Renewable Energy LLC vision is to cultivate revolutionary, world-leading energy supply alternatives and develop them into mainstream technologies.


  • Improving efficiencies in Bio-gas plant operation, by better utilizing the waste heat that is inherent in these types of plants.
  • Utilizing geothermal heat sources and converting these low temperatures into useful electrical energy.
  • Improving manufacturing efficiencies, by converting waste heat that generated in industries, such as the food and foundry industries, back into useful energy
  • Improving commercial building HVAC efficiencies, by replacing inefficient absorption chillers used in tri-generation, with the Verdi-Sys ORC system and coupling this with Turbocor driven chillers, efficiency gains of as much as 70% can be attained.